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English Grammar: Clear and Simple Lessons

English Grammar: Clear and Simple Lessons

$ 15.99

What will I get?

-14 simplified lessons based on frequently tested grammatical concepts found on the new PSAT/SAT (since March 2016)

-93 pages of content

-lessons on sentence structure basics, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, wordiness/redundancy, parallelism, pronouns, modifier placement, coordination and subordination, perfect tenses, style and tone, idioms, the subjunctive mood, and commonly confused words

-each lesson focuses on a single concept

-lessons start with a 5-question diagnostic and answer key

-the diagnostic is followed by a straightforward and easy-to-follow lesson

-the lesson concludes with practice and a detailed answer key

Who should use these lessons?

-a student just getting started with PSAT/SAT studying

-a student who needs extra support with English

-a parent who wants to help his or her child

-a teacher in need of grammar lessons

How to use these lessons?

-good starting point for PSAT/SAT prep

-students may use the lessons alone, with a group, or with an adult

-print out all 93 pages at once or print just one lesson at a time

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not happy with this product, I'll gladly refund your money. If you're unsure about purchasing this product, check out Lesson 3: Subject-Verb Agreement and Lesson 12: Idioms. These two sample lessons are also found in this product, but they're FREE! 

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