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Make a Promise to Yourself - 3 Tips


Are you preparing for the next SAT? If so, here are 3 helpful tips:

1. Make a Preparation Schedule

You know you want to study and practice for the SAT. However, life has obligations, responsibilities, and distractions. If you don’t schedule your SAT prep, then it won’t happen. So, start with the end in mind and that’s the test date. Look at how many days you have until then and what you still need to accomplish. Then, schedule time in your day to get it done. The key to this is writing it down - studies show that writing down goals is more powerful than just thinking them

2. Stick to the Preparation Schedule

Think of this Preparation Schedule as a promise to yourself. You wouldn’t break a promise to a friend, would you? More importantly, how do you feel about people who break promises? You think less of them and you’re less likely to trust them. Well, that’s how you’ll feel about yourself if you don’t follow your schedule. You owe it to YOU to keep this promise. Nobody cares more about this goal than you, so make it a priority and commit to your schedule.

3. Review what you’ve accomplished

Each day, before you sit down to study or practice, review what you’ve done during previous study sessions. This serves a few purposes. First, it takes your brain back to where you left off. I find that regular review will re-establish the flow of thinking and learning. Also, you’ll get yourself thinking in “anticipation mode.” This key to winning on the SAT and in life is called anticipating. Knowing where you’ve been will help you anticipate what you need to do next. You’re not reacting - instead, by anticipating, you’re commanding and driving the process forward. Finally, that review sends your brain a message of accomplishment. This is critical for your confidence on test day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the more prepared you are, then the more confident and relaxed you’ll feel on test day (and that’s what you want!).

Commit to your schedule and SHOW UP for yourself.

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