SAT Essay Writing and Language
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Preparing for college entrance exams can be difficult, especially if you have any type
of learning disability or if English is not your first language. My mission at the
Test Prep Spot is to help you understand the English Language content covered on
these exams. Difficult concepts are broken down and the vocabulary is easy to
understand. The Test Prep Spot includes Lessons and Practice
that are designed to be used by students independently, or with minimal adult help.
In addition, blog posts can be a useful place to find help for all things test related,
such as specific content information or study tips.

Start to Finish: The Complete Guide to Writing the New SAT Essay

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This lesson walks a student through reading a persuasive passage, identifying the persuasive devices, and using those persuasive devices to write an essay. It can be used in a group setting or by a student working independently.Complete Lesson Plan based on College Board Sample Essay "Let There Be Dark":-Instructions on...

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